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National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF)outlines a methodology to rank institutions across the country. The methodology draws from the overall recommendations broad understanding arrived at by a Core Committee set up by MHRD, to identify the broad parameters for ranking various universities and institutions. The parameters broadly cover “Teaching, Learning and Resources,” “Research and Professional Practices,” “Graduation Outcomes,” “Outreach and Inclusivity,” and “Perception”.
Vsm college enormously indebted and joyful for sustaining the encouragement given to our college over all these years. We appeal you to kindly extend your support by communicating your opinion about the academic standards, development programmes, educational and social services of our college through your feedback to NIRF(National Institutional Ranking Frame work)NIRF considers public perception / feedback from all stakeholders like Alumni, Elite of the town, civic officials , political leaders, NRIs, students, Faculty etc as one of the parameters for awarding the rank . Your feedback will improve our opportunity to secure a better rank. It furthermore enables and encourages our extending excellent service to the society through your feedback. Hence VSMCollege solemnly request you all to spare a little moments of your valuable time and give your feedback by right of entry to the NIRF latest by 20th of this month. The feedback to VSM College link is.
Click here for NIRF Feedback for VSM College
Eager for an overflow of constructive and optimistic feedback from you all, we thank you in proceed for this kind favour.

Feedback and comments are welcome at vsmcollege66@gmail.com
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NIRF PDF - Ramachandrapuram-College

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