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Curriculum framing process

  • The college was granted autonomy by the UGC with effect from the academic year 2015-2016. The curricula comply with the requirement of attaining the Program outcomes (POs) and Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs).

  • The curriculum framing process of identification of curriculum gaps involves a phase wise process which is done in each academic year.

  • Phase 1. Faculty knowledgedomain The faculty handling the existing course individually provides general information on the quality of the course; strategic directions for the course; satisfaction of the course meeting with the curriculum. He/she analyses the present curriculum and updates the current industry / societal requirements. A draft curriculum gap report is prepared.

  • Phase 2. Assessment of delivery of the program and quality of the programthroughinprogramstudentsandexitingstudents An in-program student survey is conducted to measure the degree to which current students believe they are achieving program-level learning outcomes; overall satisfaction with program; overall satisfaction with program delivery. An exit student survey is conducted for the exiting students to measure quality of the program and satisfaction with curriculum and overall program delivery. These surveys are conducted by the class coordinators to assess the delivery of the program and quality of the program. The gaps in the teaching learning process are identified in thisphase.

  • Phase3.CurriculummappingwithPOsandPSOs The course mapping with Pos and PSOs is made by Class Assessment committee which clearly identifies the curriculum gaps. The curriculum map will identify the deficiencies in attainment of PO’s and PSO’s

  • Phase 4. Departmental staff meeting to consolidate the identified curriculumgapsinalltheabovephases A departmental staff meeting to be conducted to consolidate the identified curriculum gaps in all the above phases. The suggestions will be recorded for the entire program and are forwarded to the Program Assessment committee.

  • Phase 5. Draft proposal finalization by Program Assessment committee Program Assessment committee conducts a curriculum development workshop in series of sessions with the academic experts on the suggestions consolidated by Departmental staff meeting. They finalize the draft proposal for finalization of the development plan in due consideration with the considerations from Employer surveyreport.

  • Phase6.ApprovalfromBoardofStudies Departmentwise Board of Studies will then finalize the draft proposal of Program Assessment committee and recommends the action plan for bridging the curriculum gaps and revises the syllabus. Finally the syllabus is accorded and approved by Academic Council and ratified by Board ofGovernors.

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