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Guidance and Counseling Cell

About Guidance and Counseling Cell


VSM College (A) established established special Cell for the Guidance and Counseling for the students. This Cell addresses the diverse Socio-economic challenges and geographic backgrounds of the heterogeneous group. The cell provides guidance to the students of the college to improve their overall personalities and help them to meet challenges in their life. The following services are provided by the guidance and counseling cell of the college.


  • 1. Personal Guidance.
  • 2. Educational Guidance
  • 3. Career Guidance.




Guidance & Counseling Cell has been established in the college to provide guidance to achieve following objectives:-

  • 1. To provide guidance to the students on various options available in the course of their study.
  • 2. .To identifying and developing Students abilities and interests.
  • 3. To help the students to solve their Personal, Educational and Psychological problems.
  • 4. To develop positive attitude and behavior in order to meet challenges.
  • 5. To create awareness among the students for their future Profession.
  • 6. .To provide information to the students on the scope and relevance of any area irrespective of their field of interest.
  • 7. To Recognize their strength overcome and weaknesses.



The Members of the Cell are:

Dr. D.Jeevana Sri, Reader , Department of Sanskrit Chairperson

Dr. K.Kanchana Mala, Lecturer of Hindi


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