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This is to certify that the College has followed the following conditions given in the UGC autonomous guidelines for the year 2019-20.

(1) IQAC cell is established in the college for regular monitoring of the college under intimation to UGC. The cell is having an external peer Team comprising of academicians of repute and report of the peer team is enclosed. The report is also put on public domain on the website of the college. The external peer review is conducted on 06.03.2019.

(2) The college has uploaded in its website information regarding the courses offered, the fees for the courses, the details of the faculty along with qualification and unique ID, the admission procedure, the details of relevant infrastructures, research activities of the college along with the details of Ph.D. students enrolled, if any, with the date of enrollment, topics and supervisor.

(3) The college has also put on its website the creation of various Committees/Cells as mandated in the various UGC regulations notified from time to time. The college has conducted the meeting of the statutory bodies regularly and uploaded the minutes of the meetings in the College website.

(4) All the regulations notified by the UGC is shall be followed in letter and spirit by all the Autonomous Colleges and an undertaking to this effect shall be uploaded on the College Website.

(5) The number of contractual faculty in the college is not more than 10% of the total number of sanctioned faculty position in the College